Claudia Owad is the creator and force behind Creative Training & Coaching. She has twenty years of experience working with individuals, teams & organisations in developmental, strategic, educational and training capacities and holds a Masters in Coaching Psychology (Sydney University). As a Coaching Psychology Coach & Trainer, Claudia is able to design, deliver and develop strategies and frameworks for all coaching & training needs. Her work and expertise in Performance Coaching led her to sit on the board of The International Coaching Federation Australasia (ICFA). She is passionate about POSTIVE PSYCHOLOGY, its implementation and application to education, organisations, teams and individuals, to achieve their goals, optimal performance and potential. With strong interpersonal and organisational skills, she has created and implemented new processes & developed tools to enable individuals, organisations, teams & leaders to develop a  strengths based language, growth mindset and clear direction.

Main areas of expertise include –

ü  Applied Positive Psychology

ü  Positive Education

ü  Performance, Leadership, Business & Developmental Coaching

ü  Team Coaching and Development

ü  Strategic & Organisational Change Management

ü  Learning & Organisational Development

ü  Design & Delivery of learning programs

ü  Cultural Transformation

ü  Systems & Performance Analysis

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